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Library Policies

COVID Specific: Library Behavior Policy
Patron Responsibilities and Conduct

Safety of our patrons and staff is our number one priority. The Public Library is taking precautions to help prevent any exposure or infection but cannot guarantee that the library is virus free. Anyone not following established safe policies set forth may be asked to leave the facility. If you or any person in your household is not feeling well, please remain home for the safety of everyone.

These specific COVID policy amendments supersede existing library policies.

  • A face covering is required for anyone over the age of 2.
  • Six feet social distancing must be maintained with anyone who is not a member of your household.
  • Patrons should wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer prior to entering the library, before and after using computers, and after contact with high touch areas.
  • Prolonged socializing is not permitted at this time.
  • We will operate at a reduced or limited capacity to comply with social distancing requirements.
  • Restrictive barriers of any kind may not be removed to accommodate access.
  • Time limits for Internet access will be enforced.
  • Time limits for browsing the library collection will be enforced.
  • No more than one individual per computer station.
  • Exception of one additional individual living in the same household.
  • No more than one individual can be browsing. Exception of one additional individual living in the same household.

Approved by Clear Lake Public Library Board of Trustees on July 7, 2020.

Curbside Pickup

  1. Contact the Library by email clearlakelib@clearlakelibrary.org or by telephone 715-263-2802 
  2. Please allow staff 48 hours to respond to your request. We are not working on the weekends.
  3. Staff will use gloves and wear a mask when handling the items but you still might want to quarantine the items for up to 72 hours
  4. Pick up location is at the southwest entrance to the Library. Your items will be on a red cart inside the door.
  5. There is a red bin inside that door for you to return your items
  6. Returned items will be quarantined for at least 72 hours so please don’t panic when they aren’t removed from your account the same day you returned them to the Library. There are no late fees being charged at this time.
  7. Our hours are Monday, Thursday, and Friday: 9 am – 5 pm; Tuesday: 9 am – 7 pm; and Wednesday: 10 am – 7 pm.

When you make arrangements to pick up your items, let us know if you also want to come in and browse or use a computer. We are open by appointment.

Disc Cleaning

The Clear Lake Public Library now offers a cleaning service for your scratched or
dirty CDs and DVDs. The following terms and conditions apply:

  • The library does not guarantee successful repair of any discs presented to the library for cleaning and repair; some damage is too great for the machine to remedy. All discs will be examined prior to cleaning and will be rejected if repair is not possible.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for replacing any discs that become damaged or destroyed during the cleaning process. The patron agrees not to hold the library liable for any result of the cleaning service.
  • Patrons may bring in a maximum of 5 discs/week, and all discs brought to the library to be cleaned must be inside a case and clearly marked to ensure the materials are returned to the correct owners.
  • A $2.00 fee will be charged per 1-sided disc, and a $3.00 fee will be charged per 2-sided disk. This fee is to offset the library expense of staff time, upkeep of the machine, and cleaning solutions used during the cleaning process. The library will only accept CDs, DVDs, Books on CD, and Blu-rays.
  • The patron will be contacted by phone or e-mail when the discs are repaired and ready to be picked up. Please allow 7 days for the cleaning process to be completed. Discs will not be repaired on an “as-you-wait” basis.
  • Payment will be received at time of pick-up. Cash and checks made out to the Clear Lake Public Library are acceptable. Patrons have two weeks from the time of contact to pick up their materials. After this time period has expired, any materials left at the library will become property of the library.
  • Most discs will be returned in like-new condition, but there may be a slight, barely noticeable circular pattern on one side of the disc. This is normal, unavoidable, and should not affect the playability of the disc.

Approved by Clear Lake Public Library Board of Trustees 2/7/17

Donations & Gifts

Donations of new or gently used books, DVD’s, music CD’s, books on cd, and puzzles with all their pieces are always welcome. All donations become the property of the library. The library reserves the right to utilize donated materials in whatever way best benefits the collection. Donated items are examined for their currency, physical condition, and usefulness to the library’s collection. Donations may be added to the collection, given to The Friends of the Library for their book sale, passed on to other libraries, or discarded if necessary. 

The library does not accept:

  • Materials in poor condition (i.e. musty, moldy, damp, falling apart, etc)
  • Textbooks
  • LP records
  • Newspapers
  • Pamphlets
  • National Geographic Magazines
  • Reader’s Digest condensed books
  • Encyclopedias
  • Videocassettes
  • Cassettes
  • Games
  • Puzzles with missing pieces

For tax purposes, the donor is responsible for obtaining an estimate or appraisal of the donated materials before turning the items over to the library. The library is unable to assess the value of donated items. 

Making a monetary donation to the library for the purpose of purchasing new material is an excellent means of honoring or remembering a loved one. It would be a unique birthday or anniversary gift, or a long-lasting memorial of a deceased person. In order for an appropriate item to be purchased, suggestions of subjects of interest to the honoree should accompany the donation. Any item that is purchased can have a bookplate affixed which indicates the person being honored and can list the name of the donor.  

Due to staffing limitations, the library is unable to pick up donations of materials. 

This policy adopted by the Clear Lake Public Library Board of Trustees on April 13, 2021

Non-Emergency/Emergency Closing of Library

Clear Lake Public Library will follow the guidelines set up by the Village of Clear Lake regarding days and times to be closed.

Currently the Village is closed:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

If a holiday falls on a Saturday, the Village office is closed on the previous Friday. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the Village office is closed on the following Monday.

The Clear Lake Public Library will also close on New Year’s Eve, the Saturday of Clear Lake Heritage Days, and the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

All the above days/dates will be posted on the Library’s website at the beginning of the year.

Clear Lake Public Library will close on days decided by the Director and the Library
Board of Trustees that are determined necessary for the upgrading of the Library facilities. Upgrades may include but are not limited to: computer installation, staff training, and physical plant improvements. Additional closed dates will be posted on the Library’s website and at the Library.

The Director will inform MORE Consortium staff of all closed days including Sundays so no items checked out at Clear Lake are due on closed days and thus no fines accrued by Library patrons.

Clear Lake Public Library will also close on those days that inclement weather produces unsafe conditions. This determination will be made after consultation with Village officials and/or the President of the Library Board, and weather reports.

Closing notices will be posted at the Clear Lake Public Library and on the Library’s
website if time permits.

Items that are in the Library’s return bin will be backdated to the most recent date that the Library was open.

November, 2018

Safe Child Policy

The Clear Lake Public Library welcomes visits by children. However, when children are left unattended at the Library, problems can arise.  Young children may become frightened or confused and wander away.  Older children cannot be expected to deal with a small child who is frightened, tired, or ill.  Older children left on their own for extended periods may become bored and disruptive.  Since the library is a public building, children might be approached by strangers.  If an unattended child has a medical emergency, the library staff cannot take legal responsibility.

Therefore, to protect children who are using the library and to provide all patrons with a facility that is safe and pleasant, the Clear Lake Public Library Board of Trustees adopts the following guidelines:

  1. An unattended child is a child ten years of age or younger who is apparently unaccompanied by a responsible caregiver.
  2. Parents, guardians, teachers, and caregivers are responsible for the behavior and supervision of the child at the library.
  3. The library staff requests that parents, guardians, teachers, and caregivers stay within sight of the child when in the library. Exception: When a child attends a  library program where adult supervision is not required, a parent, guardian, teacher, or caregiver is expected to pick up the child as soon as the program ends.
  4. Children age eleven or over may remain in the library unattended for a period of time not to exceed 4 hours, provided they abide by the policies set forth by the Clear Lake Public Library Board of Trustees.
  5. The library staff reserves the right to contact parents, guardians or other proper authorities if minors are left unattended and require supervision.
  6. If the library is closing, at a regular time or in an emergency situation and a parent or guardian of a child cannot be located, the Clear Lake Police Department will be called to take the child.

This policy adopted by the Clear Lake Public Library Board of Trustees on April 13, 2021.

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